Countdown timer to Dec. 31, 2017

To test for delay in your video system, place an iPad with this URL and no other programs running next to or infront of your system receiving monitor. Aim your video camera at the iPad with the time running in the picture. Take a photo of both screens with with a digital camera. Subtract the difference in time on the camera photo to get the system delay.

In this photo example of an IP Camera directly connected to a 2008 MacBook with an ethernet crossover cable, monitor 38.759 minus iPad 35.333 = 3.426 seconds delay.

Here is the same set up but with a 2014 Mac Mini resulting in a latency of .394 seconds. Codec processing time makes a big difference from computer to computer.

Minimizing latency by using faster computers can make a difference if running video with audio talkback or duplex video to minimize hesitation and overtalking.
Accuracy will vary but should be good for approximations to 1/10 of a second.

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