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P. C. Electronics
Tel: (626) 447-4565 m-th 8am-5:30pm pst (UTC - 8)
Tom (W6ORG) & Mary Ann (WB6YSS)
The Leaders in Amateur Television Equipment
Since 1965
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Last Update December 1, 2014
        From time to time we will announce and run special limited time promotions, list items that were built or purchased by us to be tested out on ATV, production samples, previous models, prototypes, over runs, surplus, etc.
        Mary Ann gave me orders to stop being such a pack rat because it takes too long trying to find anything digging through piles of stuff - So please check back often.

for Specials or go direct to: Parts and Semiconductors - Power Modules - Crystals

PA5 Linear Amplifier board........Price Reduced to $15, additional boards $10

Build a 50mw in / 25 Watts p.e.p. out, linear all mode amp and drive from a Videolynx 434 or Z70A using this ready to mount 70cm power module board with all parts soldered in as shown, less power module, but including 6" RG-174 coax in and out pigtails soldered on - just add your power module, heatsink and chassis. We have a lot of these boards left over since we can no longer get the M57716 power modules in quantity - Used in our TC70-20 series of transcievers and PA5-20 amplifier module. The M57745 and SAU4 power modules can also be used. The RA30H4047M power module is currently available from RF Parts for $40. You can drive this 70cm amp directly from our TX70-.1s transmitter, TXTVb or TXA5-70S ATV exciter board, Videolynx 434 or Z70A.
See the RA30H4047M and PA5-20 application notes.

TR-1b T/R relay boardr TR-1b RF T/R Relay Board......Price Reduced to $15, additional boards $10

This board allows you to switch the antenna between the transmitter and receiver as well as up to 1 Amp DC with another relay at the same time. The RF relay will switch up to 25 Watts at 70cm. Two of them can be used to switch an amplifier in or out. While the DC relay can only handle up to an Amp, most power modules final DC power can be left on and the bias voltage switched instead.
The board mounts on a chassis flange mount type N UG-58 or SO-239 50 Ohm RF jack.
See the TR-1b data sheet and PA5-20 ATV amplifier application note using the RA30H4047M power module.

TXTVb ATV Exciter/Modulator Board...Price Reduced to $15, additional boards $10

Great club or group project!
Transmit ATV over short distances.
Partially assembled board as shown, and selected parts kit - click on photo at right for full details.
Fully assembled and tested add $20 per board.
As seen on page 39 in the Winter 2006 ATVQ.

Make a low cost 70cm ATV RF Test Generator for tuning up receivers or antennas. Demonstrate ATV at a ham club, Scout Jamboree, Field Day, etc., with this unit - transmit in the building to a cable ready TV set. This board puts out about 10 mW and uses the same crystals as found in all our 420-450 MHz ATV transmitters - order from International Crystal Mfg catalog #473370, Fo/4.. The board comes partially built (as shown in the photo) and with all 12 of the additional parts as a kit to complete the board. Assembly and tune up instructions using a DC Voltmeter are included - download and see the data sheet by clicking on the board photo above.

Or, by using a different crystal and additional parts kit, you can drive a 2 meter in / higher band out Transverter like those available from Downeast Microwave, SSB and others, you can add the AM ATV mode with this board. The boards are stuffed and soldered with the exception of the inductors, parallel capacitors and 3 2N5770 transistors which we will include as a kit (specify 2 M or 70cm) with each board for use on 70cm with 10 mW or 2 meters to drive a transverter with 50-100 mW. 70cm crystals (Freq./4) use the same ones as found in all our crytal + multiplier controlled transmitters. We have a limited supply of crystals for 70cm ATV or 1265.0 (1268 MHz Transverter) or 1289.25 MHz (1296 MHz Transverter), or you supply the crystal (order from ICM catalog #473370 - 2 meter F/2 and HC-50 holder) for the frequency you want to end up with after mixed in your Transverter. We made a bunch of these in 1995 for use in our TVX series of export TV transmitters for channels 3 to 13. But not much later Amprex and Philips stopped making the companion 10 watt power modules and no similar power modules are available - that ended that product line. Size is 4x2.25" - will fit in a Hammond 1590C or D die cast aluminum box - and takes 8 to 14Vdc at 40 mA. Use the FMA5-G for sound.

VOR-3 boardVOR-3 Video Operated Relay board....Price reduced to $59, 3 left.

Senses horizontal sync and keys a 6A relay for power and a dpdt relay for receive and ID video. 6 switch selected modes for simple ATV repeater controller including 10 min ID and end hang time, beacon10sec on every 10 min., VOR for remote VCR pause or TV squelch, or control via RS-232. 1.75x3.2", +10 to 15Vdc.
See the VOR-3 application note.

GVM-1 Gunnplexer Video Modulator Board....Price Reduced to $15, additional boards $10

    This is a board that has many other uses:
        Video amp for satellite receivers
        Video distribution amp
        Sound subcarrier mixer
        Pre-emphasis or de-emphasis amp
            See page 6 of the GVM-1 app note

    Gunnplexers make a great little microwave (10.4 gHz) ATV link or way to demo ATV and how directional antennas work, bouncing off metal objects, multipath, etc., in a more interesting visual way at ham clubs or ham class rooms.

    See the gunnplexer application note - A 10 gHz ATV system is easy to put together. Gunnplexers are available from SHF Microwave and Advanced Receiver Research. Choose those that have varicap tuning diodes in them - the GVM-1 modulator board connects to the varicap to DC bias and FM modulate the Gunn diode in the Gunnplexer.
    Analog satellite TV receivers don't output enough video when used on the 900 and 1200 MHz ATV bands with 4 MHz deviation. This board can boost the level up to the 1 Vp-p standard with an adjustable gain up to 5.
    Tapping into a video line without loading it down to drive a 2nd monitor, VCR, transmitter, etc., is another application of this board.
    This board can also be used as a video and sound Mixer. Add sound with our FMA5-G board or FM pre-emphasis to video only ATV transmitters. The pre-emphasis can be removed for AM transmitters. The video amp has variable gain up to 5 which can better set up or equalize the video level in some transmitters - 75 Ohm input and output.
    Modified for the ham bands wireless video transmitters and receivers can double the DX by adding pre-emphasis and de-emphasis to the video which lowers the noise bandwidth.

DCI-435-10C 430-440MHz Bandpass Filter....$100

4 cavity bandpass filter used mainly to reject overload from 2 meter and other transmiitters at or near the same location to 434 MHz ATV, Satellite on 435-438 MHz or weak signal work on 432 MHz. 3/10 dB insertion loss. See the data sheet

2 cavity version, 6 mHz bandwidth.....$75.

Fp/Nj Adaptor... $3
F male plug to N female jack, 50 Ohm.
Use with cable ready TV to low loss 50 Ohm coax to 70cm antenna. 75 Ohm TV input mismatch is negligable.

Bias-T Parts Kit............$15

Power your Antenna mounted preamp on the 400, 900 or 1200 MHz band through the coax with this bias T. Great for powering Downeast 23LNAWPQ or 33LNAWPQ antenna mounted preamp from the ham shack. Insertion loss was measured at less than 1 dB. Kit contains LMB cad plated - solderable - metal box with lid, 2 BNC chassis jacks, feedthru cap, 100 Ohm 1/4W resistor,.22 uH inductor and data sheet.

Additonal 2x2x.88" cad plated metal can with lid, great for small projects...$1 each or 12 for $10.


We have an excess of through hole parts that were purchased in large quantities before we started using surface mount parts:

2N5770 RF small signal TO-92 NPN Transistor used in our crystal controlled transmitters and downconverters for the oscillator
        and multiplier stages. Up to 50 mw at 400 MHz.
        5 for $1, bag of 100 for $10 or box of 2000 for $150. 3900 in stock.

MRF901 low noise UHF preamp transistor, Motorola.............$5 ea., 12 in stock.

NE64535 Lower noise NEC UHF preamp transistor.............$7 ea., 25 in stock.

NE25337 dual gate GaAsfet used in our thru hole downconverters.......$8 ea, 10 in stock.

MM3725 Motorola TO-39 NPN used as the video modulator and replaces 2N3734 and 2N3553 in our
        KPA5, TX, TC, RTX, and TXA5-RC transmitters......$5ea., 25 at $4ea, 100 at $3ea, 200 in stock.

MPN3404 TO-92 Silicon Pin Switching Diode, Motorola. Used for T/R switching in our TC-1 Transceiver. $.30 ea. - 152 in stock.

2N2907 TO-92 version of this popular small signal PNP transistor. Used in our sync separator circuits and other products.
        Great general purpose PNP....10 for $1, bag of 100 for $8, 1000 for $60. 2500 available.

ICIC's - DIP integrated circuits.
        MC705K1CP Microprocessor programmed for 88-108 FM transmitter
              oscillator driving MC145170 synthesizer IC..$3, all for $1 ea, 94 in stock.
        BA1404 Stereo FM Modulator similar to NJR 2035D..$.50, all for $.30ea, 80 in stock.

Ceramic trimmer capacitor, 2-8 pF - Sprague GKU6R000.
        RF peaking cap (red top) used in our transmitters and downconverters.
        Price Reduced to $1ea, 10 for $8, 100 for $65. 1000 for $450. 2000 in stock.

Capacitors - disc ceramics, electolytics, etc.
        Click on Capacitors above or photo for the list of values
        and number available

feedthru cap

Feed Through capacitor - .001 mF.
        Used to keep RF from riding in on DC, audio and control lines in repeater transmitters, receiver & control chassis.
        Handles up to 200Vdc at 20A. .168 dia mounting hole, 8-32 nut, lock washer and ground lug.
        $4ea, 10 at $3 ea., $2.50 ea for 50 up. 200 available.

Inductor / RF choke, .25 each or $20 per 100
        1 uH (500 in stock), 4.7 uH (100 in stock), 10 uH (125 in stock) & 33 uH (400 in stock).

Resistors - leaded 1/4 watt carbon film, bags of 100 or 200 ....$1/100
        Click on Resistors above for list of values
        and number of bags available

100 Ohm pot

100 Ohm Pot, Carbon, Panel Mount - Used in our transmitters for video gain control.
        100 Ohm carbon panel pots are hard to find, most at this resistance are wire wound which are too inductive
        at higher video frequencies. So we had a large number special made by CTS.
        3/4" shaft length half of which is the 3/8" bushing, 1/4 inch dia round shaft, 1/2W
        Price Reduced $2 ea, 25 at $1.50 ea, 50 up at $1 each - 700 available.

Crystals $5 ea: we have a variety of HC-25 plug in crystals used in our downconverters
        and transmitters before we switched over to synthesizers. Click on Crystals to see
        the list of frequencies, quantities on hand and what they were used for.

power transformerPower Transformer - 115 / 18Vac @ 3A. Used in our TC-1 ATV Transceivers with a bridge rectifier and
        13.8Vdc regulator. 3.6x2x2.25". 3 in stock, $8 ea, 3 for $20.

Fuse - 1/2 Amp 3AG used on our downconverters...10 for $4, 100 for $30.

Power Modules

    BGY-32 (1 in stock), Philips..................$70
        25 mW in 18W out 68-88 MHz.
        Used in our TVX ch3-6 export TV transmitters
            includes TC PA bare board.

    We suggest RF Parts as a good source for RF Power Modules.

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