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Wheels - Stacked Wheels - 5 & 10 Element Beam - 7 Element Circular Beam - Helix - Corner Reflector - Dish Feed - Splitter/Combiners
4 Element 2 Meter Beam - 2 Meter Flat Halo

All antenna prices include shipping and insurance via the US Post Office in the contiguous USA - Last update January 2015

5L-70cm 5 element 420-450MHz Yagi........$85

8 dBd gain, 31" boom, vertical or horizontal rear mount, you can drill the boom for your mast clamp, or order the MP-1.5 clamp from us. This antenna has 60 degree beam width and small size is perfect for portable during public service events, hand held or atop 2 sections of 5 ft mast, balloons and rockets, to give some gain and at the same time minimize multipath ghosting and drop outs. Used on a 6 mile path with 1W ATV transmitter at the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Trail race.
Very practical for fixed point to point dedicated to a repeater, link or with the ATV Pouch at public service events.
N female jack.
Stacking distance is 18" - make sure all the feed points are on the same side of the boom when stacking and equal coax lengths to the 2X70cm power splitter/combiner.

5LX 5 element Extension to your 5L-70cm...$70

Need 3 dB more gain? Then easily add 5 more elements to your existing 5L-70cm Yagi with this kit. Attaches to the end of the 5L boom.

10L-70cm 10 element 420-450 MHz broadband Yagi..$145

Boom length for both the 5L with 5LX extension or complete 10L is 61.5", end mount either polarity and beam width is 48 degrees.
Stacking distance is 35" - make sure all the feed points are on the same side of the boom when stacking and equal coax lengths to the splitter.

OAL Antenna Mast Clamp - MP-1.5...$35

Does your OAL 10L-70cm end mounted beam droop after being up for some time if you used an ordinary U bolt and being used by migrating birds as a roost? For portable applications, a single U bolt mast clamp may be OK, but for home or link applications over time, it can loosen up. This mast clamp is solid and wont change. You can end or center mount it on the square boom and it has two clamps that accept up to a 1.5 inch OD mast.
The MP-1.5 will also accept the 5L-70cm, 10L-70cm and any 1" dia round boom beams. Round boom beams need a small piece of sand paper between the boom and the clamp to keep them from twisting.

WHEEL - Horizontal Omni Antennas.........$70
Type N jack is standard, but BNC or SMA can be ordered.

    Little Wheel 70cm - 3oz, 13" dia., 420-450 MHz
    Nano Wheel 33cm - 2oz, 6.5" dia., 902-928 MHz
    Mini Wheel 23cm - 1240-1300 MHz
    Micro Wheel 13cm - 2390-2450 MHz

    220 MHz Wheel................................$270

    Dual 70cm wheels with 2X splitter.....................$215
    Quad 70cm wheels with 4X splitter....................$365
    Dual Stacked Wheels, 33cm, built on hard line
        phasing harness........$225
    Dual Stacked Wheels, 23cm, built on hard line
        phasing harness........$175
    Dual Stacked Wheels, 13cm, built on hard line
        phasing harness........$175
If you intend to stack wheels, they must be special ordered for stacking. Quads, stack 2 duals and feed from splitter with equal lengths of coax.
Wheels are also available for frequencies from 144 MHz to 5 gHz.

Wheels give horizontally polarized omni directional radiation on the horizon with a wide vertical beam width of +/- 35 degrees and cross polarized above and below. Single 50 Ohm type N jack feed point, except on 2.4 gHz which has a SMA. Easily mounted on the top of a mast with a hose clamp around the mating coax plug as shown. Great for hanging down below a balloon and making a reflector behind another one on the ground for receiving rocket or balloon ATV directly below.
Download the ATV in Amateur Rockets and Balloons application note
Click on the photos for more technical info on the OAL Wheel including stacking for more gain.

7CP-70cm circular polarized antenna........$160
Circular polarized 10 dBdc end mounted antenna.
Right hand twist is standard.
Use on the ground fixed, on a AZEL rotor or hand held for Rocket and Balloon ATV when some gain is necessary. Running 1W with a Videolynx VM-70X transmitter module on a balloon driving a Little Wheel antenna hanging down 2 ft or more, or with a reflector spaced 5 inches, will get good video to 100,000 ft and 50 miles slant range when using this antenna and a TVC-4S downconverter and TV to receive. This antenna is also recommened for amateur satellite work, portable and point to point at both ends to minimize multipath.
36 inch long boom, hand held or 1 1/4" mast clamp.
Single 50 Ohm BNC jack feed point.

TCR-23cm Corner Reflector.........$115
Broad 8 dBd gain 1240-1300 MHz antenna great for portable or point to point applications on the 23cm band.
Beamwidth is 90 degrees for easy aiming in the field.
Solid reflector cuts down on multipath ghosts vs. an omni for public service events.
Type N jack coax connection.
Mount for horizontal or vertical polarization with mast clamp that fits up to 1 1/4 inch OD diameter masts.
As pictured for vertical polarization, size is 12" wide by 9" high. Small and rugged.
Used on a 6 mile path with 1W ATV transmitter at the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Trail race.

Dual band Circular Polarized Helix
This broadband antenna is best used for amateur satellite work, when polarity is unknown or changes, minimize multipath, rockets, balloons, etc. Right hand twist is standard - RHCP - and matches the Wheel antenna but works with any other antenna regardless of polarization. Single 50 Ohm type N jack feed point. 1 1/4" mast clamp and end mounted.

33/23cm bands
      15 turn 14.5 dBic, 36" long...$210
      10 turn 10 dBc, 24" long.......$185
      6 turn 8 dBc, 13" long............$160

23/13cm bands
      15 turn 14.5 dBc, 26" long...$210
      10 turn 10 dBc, 19" long.......$185
      6 turn 8 dBc, 10" long............$160

OAL dish feed

Dish Feed.........$90
OAL 33cm DF (902-928 MHz)
OAL 23/24cm DF (1240-1300 MHz)
OAL 12/13cm DF (2300-2450 MHz)

Includes: A slot fed dipole with N female connector and reflector (splash plate).
Mounting suggestions on request.

Antenna Power Splitter/Combiner
144-148 MHz Band
      2 way OAL 2X2M.......$90
      4 way OAL 4X2M.......$100

420-450 MHz Band
      2 way OAL 2X70cm...$75
      4 way OAL 4X70cm...$85

902-928 MHz Band
      2 way OAL 2X33cm...$75
      4 way OAL 4X33cm...$85

1240-1300 MHz Band
      2 way OAL 2X23cm...$75
      4 way OAL 4X23cm...$85

Get 2.8 dB more gain by stacking another of the same antenna and running two equal lengths of 50 Ohm coax to each from the OAL antenna power splitter/combiner.

Get 5.6 dB stacking 4 antennas. No inaccurate phasing harness necessary, just any four equal lengths of 50 Ohm coax.

These units are also 50 Ohm power dividers or combiners so you can run one antenna to two or four receivers. All ports use type N jacks. For more info.

4 Element 2 Meter Yagi - 4L-2M.....$175
      6dBd gain
      60 degree beamwidth
      48" Boom length
      50 Ohm
      Includes heavy duty MC-1.5 mast clamp
Designed primarily for horizontal polarized 144.2 MHz SSB work, but covers 144 to 148 MHz with 2:1 VSWR max
See W6OAL's
article on this antenna he wrote for the Rocky Mountain VHF+ Net.

Two Meter Flat Halo 2 Meter Flat Halo - 2M-144MHz Mobile.....$125
Frequency range 144.0 to 146 MHz and intended for mobile SSB, DXing and contesting. It is very horizontal and very quiet as it has minimal response to vertically propagated noise. Mobile to mobile QSO's have been made over 100 miles with these running 50 W on both ends. Rugged all aluminum construction consists of a gamma matched ring (radiator) that is 13.5" in dia., 1" wide and 0.125" thick, mast is 1/2" dia. 12" tall and a 5" killer magnet - stays on vehicle to at least 125 MPH! Type "N"(f) coax connector (custom connector available upon request add $15). Tuned via end tabs on the ends of the radiating element. Aerodynamic design contributing to very low profile, quite wife approved for the family vehicle. Not recommended for FM operation or to be used as a 70 cm antenna. Weight 2 lbs. 13.2 oz. For
more info - data sheet.

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